most economic time for family travel in the Caribbean

The most economic time for family travel in the Caribbean

Traveling as a family can be stressful, when you factor in the planning, journey and most important the cost. Whether or not your 2 year old will be spending 95% of the flight on your lap is no concern to the airline. You still need to buy that full priced ticket. For a family of four, meals, taxi, tours, and watersports will be times four. In some cases for families with teenage children, paying for double the accommodation can be hard to manage.

The good news is summer time is truly the best time for family travel. When many think of the Caribbean, they picture white sand beaches and perfect weather especially if you are trying to escape the cold winter. The idea of going to a tropical country which is hotter in the summer months, may not sound appealing; but for families looking to have great family vacation on a budget, this is the perfect time to go to the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean, the tourism season starts from December to April. In this time period, hotels and airlines tend to increase their rates as much as 50% over summer or off season price. This is because many hotels have higher occupancy and seldom offer deals since many people tend to travel during these months.

Many excursion businesses do not offer much deals in these months since there are many travelers. In the summer months however; when the tourism season is slower, excursion businesses tend to offer more deals to gain more customers. Vendors are more likely to be flexible their pricing whether it is for a tour or a souvenir, which can save families who wants to create wonderful vacation memories together without worrying about the how they will be able to afford it.

So pack your bug spray, and sunscreen and prepare to have the time of your life.

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