How to get your workaholic spouse to go on vacation.

How to get your workaholic spouse to go on vacation.

Many people dream of going on vacation, while some just love to work. It may seem strange to some but for those who are married to spouses who have found a profession which they love to do, it is hard to get them to take time off.

Being a nagging spouse is not ideal in any situation and most of the time you may get one of these responses:

  • I am needed at work.
  • I need to work to take care of the family.
  • I need to create a good financial cushion for us.
  • My clients need me.
  • I am in the middle of a project.
  • I need to work while I have work.
  • We need to save enough for college for the kids.
  • I don’t feel like traveling-I don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Those are all valid reasons but everyone needs a vacation as a way to distress, have an adventure or a way to bond with their spouse and or family.

In order to get your spouse on vacation, it is imperative to have a plan in which you have given enough time to put into action. Yes I know it sounds as if it is a business deal or a takeover, but for some of us who have that workaholic or home bodied spouse, you need to go in with a mission.

Ensure you research where you would like to go and the activities that would good to do together. It is also good to look for activities that suit your spouse’s personality. If your spouse is not the adventurous type do not pitch sky diving or parasailing as a vacation activity. Choose a time which you know your spouse will be able to take the time off.

At least three months before your ideal date to go on vacation, when the moment is right, discuss your idea of going on vacation, your reasons for going on vacation and what you intend to do. Expect one of the responses above.

Do not be dismayed. Remember, this is a process. The next few weeks will be just a casual, subtle, short but informative talk about going on vacation. You will use words as like when we go on vacation¬Ě rather than if we go on vacation.

About a week before you book your tickets announce that you are going to book the tickets. By this time you will get some resistance but not as much as the first time. By this time expect a back and forth wavering on going depending on their mood. Ignore it because for workaholics, the idea of taking a vacation is scary.

At least a month before your vacation, book the flight and hotel. Expect full on panic attacks from your workaholic spouse and a bit of whining. Yes I said whining because they have to step outside of their comfort zone. Your only response is the flight and hotel are booked, we have to go, we need this, you will have fun, work will be there when you get back, and when we are old you will not remember how much you worked but all the memories you created.

I am not an expert but from experience, after having coming back from vacation your spouse will thank you.