Grenada Spicemas

Grenada Spicemas: Aug 9th-August 11th 2016

Grenada is the perfect way to cap off your island hopping revelry. Spicemas is Grenada’s portrayal of Carnival, with its pinnacle on the second Monday and Tuesday in August. Featuring music, dance and pageantry with African, French, British and Caribbean influences.Spicemas is a colorful, enigmatic, and fun affair which allows Calypsonians, steel pan orchestras, beauty contestants, bands and others perform and parade to compete for Carnival honors.

Traditional aspects are displayed in the form of masks, dance, body painting, chants and colorful costumes. The final two days of dancing and cultural immersion in the spice isle off Grenada is unforgettable.

After all the fun, relaxing on one the white sand and turquoise water beaches of the nearby Grenadine islands, is the perfect way to recharge and end your journey until next year.

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