Belize Rocks for Families

Belize rocks for families

Just a few hours’ flying time from the United States, Belize is increasingly becoming a popular destination for families wanting to experience an unforgettable vacation. With a stable, peaceful democratic government and English as its official language, families can enjoy the time of their lives in Belize as they explore ancient lost cities, see wildlife up close and in person, splash in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and enjoy plenty of fun in the sun.

Belize has a large network of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that provide animal lovers of all ages a chance to see a colorful array of birds, plants and animals. Families can see the endangered black howler monkey at the Community Baboon Sanctuary, big cats like pumas and jaguars at the Belize Zoo (an animal sanctuary), or hike through Cockscomb Basin Reserve to see Baird’s tapir, Belize’s national animal.

family vacation belizeWhen it’s time for adventure, families can explore one of the many Maya ruins, enormous cities occupied for thousands of years until they were abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle. For cooler and shadier thrills, exploring one of Belize’s many caves is an excellent opportunity to learn about geology as well as witness artifacts left behind by Maya priests who conducted solemn ritual rites therein…read more

Source: June, 2016 | Belize Travel Blog