Saba: A hiker’s paradise

Saba Dutch Caribbean TrailWhen I think of summer, I think of nature trails, which makes me think of Saba. Saba is ideal for the recluse, adventurer, who prefer a destination with less tourists. Its rugged landscape and breathtaking sceneries is worth the hike.

One of the islands that makes up the Dutch West Indies, Saba is only 30 minutes ferry ride from St. Martin/St.Maarteen. However, a quicker journey for the not so faint of heart…

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St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival: April 29-May 8th 2016

St. Lucia may be a wee, out-of-the-way island, but its annual jazz fest is often cited as one of the world’s best. R. Kelly, Diana Ross and Amy Winehouse have headlined in recent years, but it’s the action-packed line-up of Caribbean musicians that gives the event its distinctive vibe. A hot-fingered Cuban pianist one night gives way to a brass-blowing Dominican zouk band the next eve, followed by a bass-thumping Jamaican reggae group. The festival’s other big star is the island, whose lush green mountains,
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Anguilla’s Festival del Mar

Anguilla foodThis annual seafood festival occurs during Easter weekend. The festival is scheduled for March 26th-27th 2016.
Festival del Mar combines Anguilla’s cuisine, history and culture offering visitors a window into Anguilla’s unique cultural traditions.
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Let’s Go on an adventure in Grenada

Grenada Sailing weekTurquoise water, wind in your face and the adrenaline of sailing the Caribbean Sea. Grenada Sailing Festival (January 28th to February 2nd 2016) is the perfect escape for the winter blues while creating an adventurous moment. This event has grown over the years to become one of the best in the Caribbean.
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Get to know Curacao

architecture_PietermaaiThis beautiful island has a lot to offer in the way of adventure for the fun-seeking tourist. One of three islands that make up the Netherland Antilles, Curacao offers perfect temperatures coupled with sparkling  waters and sandy beaches.  The island is a haven for windsurfers and is very popular for off road vehicle adventures.
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The most economic time for family travel in the Caribbean

Traveling as a family can be stressful, when you factor in the planning, journey and most important the cost. Whether or not your 2 year old will be spending 95% of the flight on your lap is no concern to the airline. You still need to buy that full priced ticket. For a family of four, meals, taxi, tours, and watersports will be times four. In some cases for families with teenage children, paying for double the accommodation can be hard to manage.

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3 Must see places in Barcelona…all in one day!

picture of the city of BarcelonaBarcelona is a must see if you’re in Europe. This beautiful city is not just famous for its football team but also for the amazing architecture it has on display. Getting around Barcelona is quite easy and inexpensive via their metro. And if you need another reason to visit, the food is delicious and also quite reasonable. We found it to be one of the cheapest places to eat during our travel through Europe. If you’re only passing through and can’t spend a lot of time in this amazing city, we’ve compiled a list of 3 must see places that will make your trip unforgettable.

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Relax and Rejuvenate in Rarotonga

Surrounded by a beautiful, sparkling blue lagoon, Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is the ideal place for rest and relaxation to be recharged. If you are looking for a slow pace and to escape the hustle of everyday life. The friendly culture and calm and quiet atmosphere will help.

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How to get your workaholic spouse to go on vacation.

Many people dream of going on vacation, while some just love to work. It may seem strange to some but for those who are married to spouses who have found a profession which they love to do, it is hard to get them to take time off.

Being a nagging spouse is not ideal in any situation and most of the time you may get one of these responses:

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Carnival!! Island Hop and Dance through the Caribbean, in July and August.

Spending your summer dancing through the islands of the Caribbean is a must for anyone who loves a carefree fun time. Carnival in the Caribbean islands are 2-3months of festivities which concludes with final week of activities including two days of unbelievable music, costumes, and dancing along the streets. Though all if the activities dates are not listed, we have compiled the dates that you should be on the island to experience all the fun.

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Discovery Dominica through its World Creole Music Festival

Logo for World Creole Music FestivalLocated in the Eastern Caribbean, Dominica is sometimes overlooked as a tropical getaway. This island is truly a gem and with its upcoming World Creole Music Festival, this is the perfect way to experience Dominica to the fullest.
World Creole Music Festival is a celebration of Dominica’s heritage and independence from England. Although English is the primary language of the island, French dialect is widely spoken which is a result of French rule over the island at one time.
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