Discover Dominica through its World Creole Music Festival (Oct.30-Nov.1st)




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Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Dominica is sometimes overlooked as a tropical getaway. This island is truly a gem and with its upcoming World Creole Music Festival, this is the perfect way to experience Dominica to the fullest.
World Creole Music Festival is a celebration of Dominica’s heritage and independence from England. Although English is the primary language of the island, French dialect is widely spoken which is a result of French rule over the island at one time.
This three-night event occurs within Creole Week which includes a showcase of Dominican music, cuisine, culture, arts and craft.
This mixture of Afro-Caribbean music reaches every part of your soul. I enjoy this music festivals because it not only allows you to live the history of the people of Dominica, and their music; but also features international musicians in the same genre.

Night 1
Divine Songz Dominica’s native son. Soulful sound to reggae sound that is captivating to listen to.Devine Songz

Kreyol La This band originates from Haiti and is one of the best on the island. This band is a great first night opener to set the Creole music.


Timaya– Nigerian native combines African rhythms with Caribbean soca and reggae music. This seems mind boggling but this artist accomplishes it.Nigerian singer

Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Band- This Jamaican reggae artist music style at times is a throwback to Bob Marley era of reggae music, but still manages to stay current is his music.Chronixx

Triple Kay Band– This Dominican band music is native to the island which is a combination of soca, bouyon and kompa.Triple Kay

Night 2
Dede St.Prix– Originating from the French Isle of Martinique, Dede St.Prix has been performing for almost 40 years. His style is a combination of many genres which includes zouk, tambour and kompa which is rhythmic. This is French Caribbean music is a great addition to the music festival.dede st.prix

Ophelia– Dominica’s First Lady of Creole, Ophelia music is Cadence-lypso which is a fusion of candence rampa from Haiti and Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago.ophelia

Grand Merchant Zouk This band started in 1988 and comprises of many musicians who come together to promote their new music. Though primarily French-Caribbean artists, their music is renowned around the world.GRAND Merchant Zouk

Lady Saw– This Grammy award winning Jamaican artist is known as the Queen of the Dancehall. With provocative lyrics, and femininity Lady Saw has managed to push the envelope by making everyone dance.Lady Saw

Swinging Stars with Calypsonians– When you think of authentic Dominican music, Swinging Stars should be it. With over 50 years together, this band has kept on performing because of the demand for their music.swinging-stars

Asa Bantan– This is another Dominican artist who has gain recent popularity with his bouyon style of music.Asa-Bantan

Night 3

Extasy Band-Hailing from south-eastern Dominica, Extasy is often referred to as Dominica’s Carimi or Dominica’s Compas Band. Extasy has an extensive and diverse repertoire which has earned them a huge fan base.Extasy Band

T Micky– Though only 20 years old and a student at Boston University, T Mickey has managed to produce an album that is young, and fresh but maintained the Afro-French roots of his native Haiti.T micky

Original Bouyon Pioneers– This group music will keep you dancing. Dominica’s own bouyon genre is an up tempo rhythm that is part of its culture.original bouyon piyoneers

Popcaan-Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan is geared towards a younger crowd, a more rough form of dancehall.popcaan

All soca music block of artists is a great way to end the three day festival on a high, and festive note. These artists are sure to make you DANCE!!
Boy Cape with Blaxx
Fadda Fox 

Due to the recent tropical storm devastation to the island of Dominica, the 2015 Creole Music Festival has been canceled.