Antigua, July 22- August 2 2016

Antigua, July 22nd- Aug. 2nd 2016

Known as the island of 365 beaches, Antigua is an ideal place to relax and have fun. Antigua Carnival season showcases Antiguan culture at its best. This cultural festival originated as an emancipation celebration known as Christmas Festival which entailedmusic (calypso,soca and steel drum) and dance.

Although the festival has evolved over the years to resemble a modern Carnival like that of Trinidad, some traditional aspects remained. The highland fling is a Christmas Festival dance, also played in the modern Carnival. It entails performers wearing Scottish kilts, masks made of wire and bearing whips of cowhide.

Antiguan Carnival also featured Stilt dancers in robes, called the MokoJumbie, Jumpa-Ben or Long Ghosts reveling to music played by kettles, bass drums, fife, triangles and boompipe (homemade musical instrument made from a plumbing joint about 3feet long).

The feelings of merriment is contagious and serves as fuel to energize revelers for the two days of road festivities.

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